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78 RPM Country / Western Swing Records - Set Sale List

(Not an auction - the price for each item appears in the price column)


(this list is in record label sequence)

This list is current as of today: Friday May 29, 2015 

(*with the exception of VERY recent transactions, which will be reflected in next update).

al vaughnshe's an okie (with harmonica)please my darlin' think of me4 star 1232 silver on redV5rim chip on side 2, with rubber stamp & small tic on label
jimmie short & his silver saddle ranch boysmac arthur speaks (with actual general's voice)they just fade away4 star 1567 silver on redN -4tribute to general douglas mac arthur
bob skyles & his skyrocketshonky tonk galsyou're a cold heared sweetheartbluebird B-7689 bird with music staffV+5two nice 2-beat numbers
bill boyd & his cowboy ramblerstroubles - waltzsong of the waterfallbluebird B-8112 bird on music staffV+5
johnnie lee willis & his boysshattered dreamspeter cotton tail [string band style]bullet 696 black on yellowV-5rarish label
tennesee erniethe shot gun boogiei ain't gonna let it happen no morecapitol 1295 silver on purpleV+4
merle travisre-enlistment bluesdance of the golden rodcapitol 2563 silver on purpleV+4
jimmie lawsonsome folks call it texasdangerous groundColumbia 10092V -4never saw this one before. one inch stretch of edge coming unlaminated, plays fine
ted daffan's texansworried mindblue steel bluesColumbia 20039V6store stamp on one side
al dexter & his troopersguitar polkahoney do you think it's wrongColumbia 36898V V+4
floyd tillman - string band, vocaldrivin' nails in my coffinsome other worldcolumbia 36998V4excellent writer and singer. number sticker on one label.
spade cooleyoklahoma stompyou better do it nowColumbia 37237V +6
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboysride on!cherokee maidencolumbia 37422V+4
the cumberland mountain folks with molly o'daythe tramp on the streetput my rubber doll awayColumbia 37559V -6side one is a classic
spade cooleyspadellayou never miss the waterColumbia 37585V +6
cliff bruner's texas wanderersannie laurierememberDecca 5647V V +4
Jimmie Davisin my heart you'll always be minedream of lovedecca 5715V4small label scar
cliff bruner & his boystruck driver's bluesi'm tired of youdecca 5725V V-6
erskine butterfield & his blue boysyou done lost your good thing nowcheatin' on medecca 8576V10
texas jim lewis & his lone star cowboysten more milesdraggin' the steelexclusive 34x silver on redV10small number stickers on each label
the almanac singersunion traintalking unionkeynote k 301 maroon on grayV10
foy willing & the riders of the purple sageholiday for the blueswhere the cool clear water spillsmajestic 6015V4
roy acuff & his smoky mountain boysfire ball mailwreck on the highwayokeh 6685 gold on purpleV -4blue blue bluegrass
ted daffan's texansborn to loseborn to lose okeh 6706 gold on purpleV10same exact matrix both sides, for expected heavy juke box play of this hit
Roy Acuff & his Smoky Mountain Boysnot a word from homethe prodigal sonokeh 6716 gold on purpleV V+10heavy duty bluegrass
al dexter & his troopersso long paltoo late to worryokeh 6718 gold on purpleV4
ted daffan's texanslook who's talkin'bluest bluesokeh 6719 gold on purpleV10
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboyssmoke on the water {patriotic song of WW2}hang your head in shameokeh 6736 gold on purpleV4not the 'deep purple' song, but it's on a deep purple label?
Bill Boyd & his Cowboy Ramblersshame on youhome coming waltzrca victor 20-2069V4a few light paint specks on one side. not affecting play
Spade Cooley 'king of western swing' & his bandthe best deal in townspanish fandangorca victor 20-2668V6
Eddie Arnold the Tennessee Plowboy & his guitartexarkana babyboquet of rosesRCA Victor 20-2806V+4
dude martin & his roundup ganggin rummy boogie (vocal)tuck me to sleep in my old 'tucky home (voc)RCA victor 20-3151V V+4
Homer & Jethrogambler's git boxyour clobbered heartrca victor 20-5429V4more country comedy
Hank Snow the singing ranger & his rainbow ranch boysthe rhumba boogieyou pass me byrca victor 21-0431V4
elton britt & the skytopperscowpokerotation bluesrca victor 21-0494V4blues about korea
corky carpenter with the billy boysi let the stars get in my eyesi'll never get out of this world alivetops 352 silver on maroonV4
Barry Woodsouth of the borderleanin' on the old top railvocalion 5159 gold on blueV4