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Applejack Walroth

My Back Pages - Music Scrapbook

The Trespassers, 1962

The Jazz Record Mart, Chicago 1965

Theresa's Tavern, Chicago 1966

Maxwell Street Gig, Chicago 1966

Sam Lay Band, Chicago 1967

Big Joe Williams & Applejack, Chicago 1967

Smokey Smothers & Applejack, Chicago 1967

Jam with Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Applejack. NYC 1969

Down Beat Magazine feature article, 1970

S.F. Chronicle Magazine - Cover Story: "Shooting the Saloon", 2007

Living Blues Magazine - Remembering Bob Koester", September 2021

FAQ: Why The Name Applejack?

The Applejack logo was designed by Don Wilson, circa 1965. Don is famous for the artwork on many LP covers, such as: Sam Lay in Bluesland (Blue Thumb), Howling Wolf - London Sessions, Koko Taylor (Chess), The Dells (Chess), and many more. Don Wilson & Pete Amft founded a terrific graphics design company in Chicago called Daily Planet.