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My Back Pages - Music Scrapbook


S.F. CHRONICLE MAGAZINE - Cover Story: "Shooting the Saloon"

MY BACK PAGES 1: Chicago 1966, Maxwell Street Gig

MY BACK PAGES 2: Chicago 1965, The Jazz Record Mart

MY BACK PAGES 3: Chicago 1966, Theresa's Tavern

MY BACK PAGES 4: Sam Lay Band, 1967

MY BACK PAGES 5: Chicago 1967, Big Joe Williams & Applejack

MY BACK PAGES 6: Chicago 1967, Smokey Smothers & Applejack

MY BACK PAGES 7: NYC 1969, Jam with Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Applejack.

The Applejack logo was designed by Don Wilson, circa 1965. Don is famous for the artwork on many LP covers, such as: Sam Lay in Bluesland (Blue Thumb), Howling Wolf - London Sessions, Koko Taylor (Chess), The Dells (Chess), and many more. Don Wilson & Pete Ampft founded a terrific graphics design company in Chicago called Daily Planet.