Sam Lay Band, 1967

Sam Lay started a blues band in Chicago in August of 1967. He had just completed a stint with the Butterfield Band, and previously had been the drummer (and recorded on the Chess label) with the great Howling Wolf.

Pictured left to right:

Louis Myers, guitar (and holding a picture of himself with his Gibson 335). Louis was in the Aces band (Junior Wells), and then played and recorded as a member of Little Walter's band. Louis was just a superb guy for backing up a harmonica player. Of course they used to call Little Walter's band the headhunters because they could outplay just about anybody in town. Next person is yours truly, Applejack. Next in the foreground is Smokey Smothers, another hot guitarist. Behind Smokey is Sam Lay, our leader, drummer, and main vocalizer. Next in the foreground is Boot Hamilton, our piano player (from Detroit). Behind Boot, and virtually invisible, is Aaron Burton, I believe, our bassist.

It was an honor and an education to play with these guys in their prime !!!