New York City, 1969

Jamming at Ungano's Club: B.B. King - Jimi Hendrix - Applejack - Elvin Bishop

Photo courtesy of Guitar Player Magazine.

In the left image, Jimi Hendrix takes on a white Gibson SG and jams with Elvin Bishop. In the right image, B.B. King plays the blues with yours truly, Applejack on harmonica. (truly putting our heads together, near the mic stand). That's my old Fender Concert amp in the foreground. This exciting jam took place on the upper west side. What an honor.

Since the captions are hard to read, here's what they say:

1. left picture:

"Elvin Bishop rips it up as Jimi enjoys the novelty of actually playing a lefty SG."

2. right picture:

"...Also at this Spring 1969 jam at New York's Ungano's club were Buddy Miles, B.B. King and harpist Applejack."