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LP Records - Set Sale List -

(price in US Dollars for each item appears in the price column)

The albums on this list are here mostly because of their pseudo-alluring, or campy, or kitchy cover artwork.

In most cases, the musical content is of at least as much interest as the cover art.

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(this list is in Record Label sequence)

This list is current as of today: Monday October 26, 2020 

(*with the exception of VERY recent transactions, which will be reflected in next update).

Herb Alpert's Tijuana BrassWhipped Cream & Other DelightsA&M SP 4110 12 poppy tracks in the Tijuana Brass flavor. about V+ player, cover intact. 1965, this is the more common, normally seen edition.3
Herb Alpert's Tijuana BrassWhipped Cream & Other DelightsA&M SP 4110 DJ12 poppy tracks in the Tijuana Brass flavor. 1965 vintage, Mint or very close to it. Minor jacket wear, aging. To me, this is a rather rare version of cover with square yellow A&M logo! DJ white label pressing (see image).10
The SandpipersSoftlyA&M SP 414712 tracks by well known 60s writers including Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Tim Hardin, and more.Nice V+ player, cover intact. 1968, the Art Director was the famous Tom Wilkes, who did literally dozens of famous album covers. We don't get to know the name of this beautiful model, however :(10
Joe BasileJoe Basile, His Accordion and OrchestraAudio Fidelity 181512 tracks, good batch of musette and Parisienne stylingsStrong V+ player, cover intact, 1957 vintage15
The Jonah Jones QuartetSwingin' At The CinemaCapitol 1083'Hit Songs From Top Hollywood Films' 12 selections, 1958 vintage.plays nice V+, jacket intact, two very small digits written on back cover.6
The John LaSalle QuartetPotluckCapitol 1238they're in a stew! 12 selections, 'A Potpourri of tunes styled by a bright new vocal group'.plays near or at V+ overall. Sleeve nice and intact, 1959 vintage.5
Les BaxterLes Baxter's Wild GuitarsCapitol 124812 exotica originals by the lounge king.G or V minus vinyl, and the cover is all taped up as seen. I will say it plays better than it looks, no skips on my machine. 1959.2
Ray AnthonyLike Wild!Capitol 1304one dozen songs, '...a fine assortment of swinging dance tempos'plays at or near V+. light marks. jacket fully intact, very very small store sticker and hand numbering on back. 1959 vintage. two red blotches on front cover, someone patching up jacket scars!3
Jonah JonesGreat Instrumental Hits Styled By Jonah JonesCapitol 135712 songs, nice collection (look on front cover image), call it V- player, numerous (light) marks. jacket is intact. 1961 vintage.3
George Shearing and the QuintetOn The Sunny Side Of The StripCapitol 14169 selections recorded live, jazzistic pianistics. V- vinyl, cover has a minor bend and a small store price sticker on the back. 1960 vintage.3
Dean MartinPretty BabyCapitol 84912 selections. Is that Marilyn? Just a look-alike, I guess. V minus, 3 inch upper seam split, minor marks on back cover. 1957 vintage. no skips on my machine.3 as is
The Jonah Jones QuartetSwingin' on BroadwayCapitol 963'hit songs from great Broadway shows', 12 selections, 1957 vintage. nice V+ player, especially side one. Cover intact with minuscule issues on back cover.5
Nino NanniChic To ShicCarlton 10812 selections, 1959 vintage. 'show tunes for smart saloons'Cover intact but for 3 inch top seam split. Vinyl at or very close to V+ playing condition. Delightful cover, check it out.10
Art Van Damme QuintetManhattan TimeColumbia 80112 selections, V minus, cover intact. 1956 artifact.3
The Kirby Stone FourThe Kirby Stone TouchColumbia 816412 tracks, including Hambone! jazzy vocalisms.Nicely designed photog-themed cover art. plays near V+, 1959 vintage.6
Steve AllenMusic For TonightCoral 5700412 selections, Neil Hefti arrangements1955 vintage, rare, nice artwork, cover intact. Vinyl is V or better on both sides, side one is cleaner.10
Vicki BenetThe French TouchDecca 838112 tracks, 1957 vintage, Orchestra conducted by Charles Bud Dant. Sung in English and French.Vinyl is about V play-wise. Cover mostly intact, 2 short scotch tape pieces on bottom spine, one on top spine. small writing on back. 5 as is (rare)
Billy VaughnThe Windmills Of Your MindDot 2593712 tracks, 1969 vintageV+, 1/4 inch cut on lower left spine. Cover intact.3
Tony Crombie and his Orchestra(Dance To The) Sweet Beat (of Tony Crombie and his Orch).Ember 40012 tracks. 'something new in sound'nice V+ player, top seam scotch taped across, small owner sticker on back cover. 1958 gem, love the cover image! Very collectible and hard to find. price reduced due to taped seam.15
Ronnie DeauvilleSmoke RingsEra 20002'the intimate voice of Ronnie Deauville', 13 tracks, Vinyl a definite V minus, sleeve has tape across full top spine, mfg ripple on back cover, minor scuff on lower right corner. The disc is thrashed but the cover is valuable art (in my opinion).15 as is (rare)
Elliot Lawrence OrchestraDreamFantasy 3-22611 songs, 'orchestra' includes greats such as Al Cohn, Urbie Green, and Eddie Bert! Early RARE Fantasy issue, 1956 vintage, red vinyl, and a wonderful cover.V+ vinyl, Bottom spine completely split, easily fixable. Small price sticker on the back, about 1/2 inch square.25
Unknown ArtistsThe Nation's 12 Big Hit RecordingsHollywood LPH 13912 tracks, listed on cover (see image).nice V+ vinyl, seam splits and edge taping. 1957 vintage.5
Lanny Ross, Vincent Lopez, and Allan Roth and his Orch.In The MoodHollywood LPH 813 tracks, listed on cover (right hand side - see image), V to V+ player, cover is intact. Vintage somewhere between 1956-1958, depending on who you believe.5
The Roland Shaw Orch.Themes For Secret Agents 'phase 4 stereo'London 4407612 tracks, listed on cover (see image)plays V+ overall. Great black and white collage of numerous photos on back cover. Gatefold jacket, 1966. Inner panes of gatefold are full color images of their catalog. Jacket intact, Minor edge wear.5
Unknown, produced by George GarabedianSquirt Does Its Thing - Semi-Soft Music Mark 5610 tracksV+ M-, hard to find record, jacket nibbled at upper left corner, see image. 1970 vintage.10
Frank Ortega ComboTwilight TimeMasterseal MS 8310 tracks, listed on front cover, see image.V+ disc, bottom seam split and minor edge cut on jacket, parish.5
Rusty DraperMusic For A Rainy NIghtMercury 2006812 tracks,as listed on cover (see image).1955 vintage, V+ disc, brown masking tape on lower corner of jacket, seam split on bottom. Small writing on back. Highly collectible, discounted price due to jacket imperfection.20
Dick Barlow and his Orch.Music To Make You Feel That Certain WayMercury 2016812 tracksnear V+ overall, side one cleaner. small red X on back cover. Cloudy areas on front cover are due to aging process of jacket materials, apparently. Cover otherwise intact. Definitely parish.15
Carl Stevens and his Orch.High Society TwistMercury 6066412 tracks, see front cover image for track list.1962 vintage, great intact cover and V+ disc.15
Jan AugustCha Cha CharmMercury Wing 1636610 tracks, see list on front cover image.V+ disc, tape on bottom jacket spine, short split on top spine edge, small blemish on back cover.pretty modern looking cover for 1959 vintage.5
Dick Shory's Percussion Pops OrchestraHoliday For PercussionRCA 1061 International12 tracks by the noted percussion innovator / maestro.V+, green label UK pressing, 1970 vintage. Minor cover bend and very small back cover scar.SOLD
Leo Diamond (harmonica)Skin Diver Suite - 'and other selections'RCA 1165suite on side one, 6 tracks on side two.G+ disc (many tracks play better)- Moderate cover wear, moderate blemishes on back, lower spine split. 3
Jacques Ysaye and his OrchestraThe Follies Of ParisRCA 126012 musette and Parisienne selections.V+ disc. The front panel on the left of the jacket opens to reveal two more Parisiennes, a unique and entertaining album design. Jacket is intact, very small sticker mark on back. 1958 vintage.10
Michael Antoine and his OrchestraAnd So To BedRCA 128512 selections.side one plays V+, side two plays near Mint. 1956 vintage, lower seam split on jacket.6
The Johnny Hamlin QuintetPolka Dots and MoonbeamsRCA 137912 selections.V+ disc, seam splits, small writing and sticker on back. 1957 vintage.3
Al Nevins and his OrchestraDancing With The BluesRCA 165412 tracksV+ Disc, short top seam split, back cover has some discoloration areas. 1958 vintage.5
Esquivel and his OrchestraOther Worlds Other Sounds - LIVING STEREORCA 175312 tracksV or better player overall, end of side two has a scratch. cover relatively poor condition -cover bend top seam split, discoloration on back, yet the front cover looks good despite all. 1958 vintage.5 as is
Reg Owen and his OrchestraI'll Sing You A Thousand Love SongsRCA 1906actually 12 songs, (far short of a thousand, I dare say) - see track list on front cover image. 1959 gem. Living Stereo.V= and cover intact. 15
The Norman Luboff ChoirApasionada - Songs Of Latin AmericaRCA 234112 tracks, as listed on front cover image.V+ disc, love this cover - intact but for very small ding on lower right.5
The Three SunsWarm and Tender - 'the distinctive mood sound of the world's most popular instrumental trio'RCA 261712 tracksV+ disc, top cover split halfway across, minor discoloration.1962 vintage.5
Freddy Martin and his OrchestraMake Believe - The Music of Jerome KernRCA Camden 31511 tracks as listed on front cover, see image.V++ vinyl, cover intact.8
Joe Cain and his OrchestraModern Screen's Hollywood Method - How to Beautify Your Body and Reduce Weight Through Exercises Set to MusicRCA Camden 322 F12 tracksV++, upper seam and spine are split, could be taped easily. INCLUDES ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET AND ILLUSTRATED CALORIE COUNTER BOOKLET. and yes, they are dancing on a record player, fantastic image.8
Morton GouldNo Title on Cover or labels! - "New Orthophonic High Fidelity"RCA SLP A red seal8 tracksV+, spine split and top seam starting to go. small name and address sticker on back.5
Fran Warren, Polly Bergen, Lynn RobertsThe GirlsRKO 13612 tracks, some by each artist.nice V+ disc, top seam split and spine split halfway. 1958 classic.8
The Phil Moody Quintet(plays) Intimate JazzSomerset 1040010 tracks.V+ disc, cover nearly intact with short split on lower seam. 1959 vintage.6
Unknown Top Tune Time - Disk Jocky Favorites (sic)Top Tune Time 10710 tracks as listed on front cover image. side one V to V+, side two V+. Most of spine is split, half of top seam is split, minor damage on bottom area of spine. 5
Ferrante and TeicherThe Keys to Her Apartment - 'an intimate album for young lovers'United Artists 324712 tracks.plays V+, top and bottom seam halfway split, spine has about a 2 inch split. small drill hole in lower corner of cover. 1962 vintage.3
Marty Gold (current supplied by)Wired For SoundVik 105412 tracksV+, top and bottom seams half split. 1956 gem.SOLD
Ray Kinney and his HawaiiansSweet Hawaiian MoonlightVocation 368712 tracks, as listed on front cover image.V++ disc, top seam of jacket is split.SOLD
The Guitars Inc.InvitationWarner Brothers 120612 tracks.V+, cover nice and intact. 1958 vintage.10
The Ernie Coleman TrioBe Gentle PleaseWarner Brothers 126112 tracksV++, attractive cover is intact but for a 1/2" seam split at the top. 1959 vintage.10