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(this list is in alphabetical sequence - by record label)

This list is current as of today: Monday December 06, 2021 

(*with the exception of VERY recent transactions, which will be reflected in next update).

The Soul StirrersHis Eye Is On The SparrowI Want To Rest, Lord, RestAladdin 2004 V V-10Play tests in V V- range.
Mahalia Jackson Dig A Little DeeperIf You See My SaviorApollo 181G3Spirituals with organ accompaniment. Side 2 has two small rim chips far from the grooves. Side two label has ring wear, but side one label is more faded.
The Roberta Martin Singers of ChicagoMy FriendWhat A Blessing In Jesus I've FoundApollo 218V-4Spiritual vocal by Deloris Barrett (both sides)
Mahalia Jackson - with AccompanimentIn The Upper Room - Part 1Part 2Apollo 262G 3Label on Part 2 is much cleaner. This record has seen a lot of play.
Mahalia JacksonI'm Going To Tell GodI Walked Into The GardenApollo 291V+51/8" small label nick at the edge of side one.
The Bibletone JubileersTake Your Burden To The LordSorrow ValleyBibletone 2015Nice V+ player6Very clean labels as well.
Rev. C.L. FranklinSermon: Nothing Shall Separate Me From The Love Of GodPart 7Chess 335V+4Father of Aretha Franklin. Segments of a sermon. Small sticker residue spot on one label.
Rev. C.L. FranklinSermon: Nothing Shall Separate From The Love Of God - Part 4Part 8Chess 336V+4Father of Aretha Franklin - Segments of a sermon. Small tape residue on one label.
Golden Gate QuartetBones, Bones, BonesMoses Smote The WatersColumbia 36937V 6Still plays strong
Mahalia JacksonGod Shall Wipe All Tears AwayOh My LordCoral 65011V or better player5piano on side one, organ on side two. Nice clean labels.
Rev. C. L. Franklin and the Franklin SingersYour Mother Lovers Her Children Wings of FaithGotham 691G G+3Small chip at center hole on one side. Graphics on Gotham label do not scan well on my camera - sorry. Labels are a LOT more detailed than image seen here.
Rev. C. L. Franklin and the Franklin SingersYour Mother Lovers Her Children Wings of FaithGotham 691G G+3Wear around center hole of one label on this copy (see image) .Graphics on Gotham label do not scan well on my camera - sorry. Labels are a LOT more detailed than seen here.
The Stars Of FaithStaff In My HandNobody Knows The Trouble I've SeenKing 4258V V+ range4Thin one inch arc of label wear on side one.
Swan's Silvertone SingersMother's Name Lives In My HeartJesus Never FailsKing 4404G+3Side one plays better than side two.
Elder B. B. AlexanderInvocation - Part 1Part 2Reid's Religious Gems 101plays V or better58th Annual COGIC Convention, San Francisco, CA.
Ward SingersCome Ye DisconsolateEach DaySavoy 4004play tested V+4This was before they became the 'Famous' Ward Singers
Famous Ward SingersThy Holy Will Be DoneI'm Bound For The Higher GroundSavoy 4016V or better player5
The Famous Ward SingersFarther On Up The RoadO Lord How Long Savoy 4048V+ player8Side one plays the best.
The Stars Of Faith - Marian Williams et alMean Old WorldHad It Not Been For The LordSavoy 4104V V+ range4Moderate center hole erosion on side one, not on side two.
The Pilgrim TravelersJesus TravelsMother BowedSpecialty X 315G3Side two has a dig ring near the end. Plays through on my test system.
The Original Gospel HarmonettesThe RailroadWhere Shall I Be?Specialty XSP 846plays about V4
The Spiritual Five When You Give The Best Of Your ServiceFootprints Of JesusTop Hat 1011plays about V+5Two spirituals. Los Angeles label.
The SouthernairesWhen You Come Out The Wilderness / Wasn't That A Wide RiverWhere You There When They Crucified My LordTru Tone 1050plays near V+4Note that there are two songs on side one.