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All Records Are 10 Inch Diameter, Unless Otherwise Noted.

Many of these records have extra "drill holes" - created to hold the disk in place during the recording process.

(See images for each item below)

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Label info Side A Side B RPM Notes image Price USD
American Broadcasting CompanyA Personal Message to John D. McGilvray, Representative - Imperial Council etc, Chicago, from Rajah Temple etc (see label for fullThis Side Blank781949 12 inch 78 rpm personal recording. Expand label image for full details. One of a kind. Plays VG with marks in first part of record. Something like a shriner or masonic monolgue with a bit of theme music at beginning.15
Audio Devices (New York)"Turkish Delite" (handwritten)This Side Blank33Two songs (parts one and two) on Side A. First song plays G+, 2nd song plays VG or better. Music hall type material.3
AudiodiscFirst song: nice Bopper, can't read the title / 2nd song: Bill Harris - more Bop / Swing Just says: "Artie Shaw - Summit Ridge Drive", but there are actually two separate tracks.78Two songs on each side. Plays VG+ with minor feather-light shallow scratches. Pencilled text and titles on both labels. 4
AudiodiscBob Crosby - S.F. March / Yerba Buena Jazz Band - A Good Man Is Hard To FindKay Starr - Bonaparte's Retreat / Firehouse Five plus Two - St. Louis Blues33Handwritten titles. Two songs per side. Play grades in the VG / VG+ range.5
AudiodiscMerle - Norman "Cream Jingle"This Side Blank78Piano and vocal. Very brief commercial jingle, apparently for radio use (about one inch band of play grooves). Plays about VG+.4
AudiodiscPhil Napoleon's Empeerors - At The Jazz Band Ball, Fidgety Feet, Tiger Rag, Little Emperor BluesRoyal Garden Blues, Nobody's Sweetheart, Muskrat Ramble, Clarinet Marmalade.33Plays VG / VG+ range. Phil Napoleon group, dub of Mercury MG 25078 Vol I, with Joe Dixon, Terry Spargo, Lou NacGarrity, Felix George, & Chuck Wayne. (as per label info)4
Audiodisc135th Street (Opera) (1922) - part 1.135th Street (Opera) (1922) - part 2.33Gershwin 1922 jazz-opera recording. Source unknown, cast unknown. Side two shorter in length. Plays VG+10
Audiodisc (circular font) on blackDuke Ellington & Orch. - Giddyup Gallop (dub of Victor 27502)Duke Ellington & Orch. - Bakiff (dub of Victor 27502). 78Dubs of Victor 27502 Sides. Typed / Handwritten labels (see image. Plays VG, may be cleanable to some extent.8
Audiodisc - (rotary logo)Audibly a Las Vegas Wedding of Willam and Yolanda. No actual writing on label.This Side Blank33One of a kind wedding recording. Plays VG+5
Bill Bryan Radio TV Productions, Hollywood(Quote): "This record cost me $6.546.22. In San Franisco dollars, this amounts to one drink at your "SUE AND HARRIS --- This is the only copy of this recording ever made. (I didn't even want one.) However, I had it recorded for yo78Plays VG+ overall. Side A is piano, Side B is vocal narrative / singing with piano. Badly oxidized Label on Side B (see image). Hilarious typed notes on each label, as seen.8
CapitolI'll Remember TodayAin't Tnat A Grand And Glorious Feeling45Two Vocals by Irish star Ruby Murray, date stamped labels show 1958. Sida A plays VG+, Side B plays VG VG+ range. Record is 8" diameter with small edge warp (far from the grooves, which don't start for about one inch farther in).12
Capitol / KSFOWally King of KSFO "Georgia Carr" (brief recording, about 1/4 inch of play grooves."vocal Lonnie Hewitt" - Summertime78+33Side A, 78 rpm, has 10 or more seconds of Georgia Carr speaking on the air, Capitol label with handwritten info re radio KSFO. Side B is 33 rpm, custom KSFO (San Francisco) label. RARE oddball 'one-off' pairing of labels and rpm speeds. Side A: VG+, Side B: G+. 8
Cleveland Recording CompanyKde Si Bola Tej Noci -Cardas SongUmaria Mi Zena (Zarisska) Piesen78I believe this is Greek. Side A sounds somewhat in the Zorba-type dance tradition, Side B appears to be an operatic aria, male vocal. Plays very nicely VG+ on both sides. Rare one-off recording. Some ripples and edge blemish on Side B label (the aria).10
CosmoHal Mc Intyre - Patience & CertitudeHal McIntyre - There's No One But You78Handwritten info on Cosmo blank (New York imprint) This is a standard 78 in weight and thickness. Handwritten #470 on both sides. Pop vocals with chorus, plays VG+.4
Dick Vance Vocal Studios (Oakland, California)The Teen Tones: Eddie My LoveThe Teen Tones: Heaven & Paradise78Amateur female vocals, October 1957. Plays within G+ VG range. Label edge damage on Side 2 - see image.6
EVA-TONEA Message For Ambitious Men And WonenThis Side Blank33Campy multipaged corporate oddball, plays VG+. Clear Disk attached to cardboard fold out folder with total of 2 double sided pages with addtional photo images, instructions, and other text. 8
Federal Perma DiskDecember 7, 1941 - Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech.Part 278Famed FDR speech on "day of infamy"- Pearl Harbor. Plays VG.4
Golden State Recorders"Group #85- Quick Step / Filipeli - Knox "45 rpm" (all handwritten).(Quick Step - part 2)45Dixieland type combo. About one inch worth of play grooves per side. From the famed San Francisco Recording Studio, (Address on label). Side A plays VG+, Side B plays more like VG. "Mountain Greenery" on both labels is irrelevant I think.5
Hoyt Recording (Portland, Oregon)Greetings From ChileThis Side Blank33A personal message, adult and child speaking, apparently recorded in Chile for unknown recipient.VG+5
National HollywoodAccordionBag Pipe Selection (sic)78Play grades about VG+. Personal recording, Red wax. Side A label torn (see image.5
National HollywoodIllegible handwritten title Nothing written78Plays VG+. Era -1940s is my guess. One side has a speech on California Skiing, the other side has some kind of Loyalry Speech.4
National HollywoodFloyd & Guitar, Alan & Jews Harp (sic), Dean, Georgia, RosemaryThe Cummings Family, Alan Ray, Roll, Georgia, Dean, Chico78Handwritten labels, amateur family type recordings, one of a kind. Amateur slide guitar on Side A. Slight label edge tear on Side B.5
Test Pressing (RM 401 / 402)Ace In The Hole (vocal by Clancy Hayes)Careless Love (vocal by Clancy Hayes)78BUNK JOHNSON, "With Ex-Members of Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band". Some label issuss (expand imaage to view). Very thick pressing, nice. Plays VG+15
Voice-O- GraphMan and woman talking. (No text on label)This Side Blank78Unusual 6 inch diameter record with cool graphics. Play quality G/G+. More of a 'wall hanger" item.4
White LabelKid Ory - ChinatownBlack And Blue78Nice hot version of Chinatown. "Kid Ory" in pencil, Side A. Titles typewritten on both sides.VG+ play graded. Source unknown.10
White LabelUp Los Angeles, One Teenager's Lament, Hang A Guitar On The Wall, Green Berets and Black Pajamas, What's The Matter In WattsA Philadelphia Story or A Ballad Of Brotherly Love, Words Words Words, Gather Round Me, Realtors, Warren Dorn Come Blow Your Horn For Me, Ballad of Liston and Clay, Why Sing In A Minor33White label disk by Deborah Parducci, vocal and guitar. Handwritten info. Great titles, contact info on label. Plays G+ or. V- 8
Wilcox - GayKenalworth Blues / Wave The Flag / Do You Know What It MeansBye Bye Blues / Tin Roof Blues33Unknown Trad Ensemble. 1953 dates on each side. Drill holes in label.6