Applejack Walroth

Photography & Artwork Gallery

Please note: All images on this page are my private creations.

permission for commercial use by any other party is not granted

unless you have made arrangements with me in advance!

mixed media, based on a newspaper photowoodblock print, 1960s. eary attempt at a buddha. water damagedearly TV, New Orleans 2012another early block print, water damaged
radio shoptail lightNew Orleans shop windowPop's bar
holiday balls in cardboard framegeometric experimentpseudo-Tibetan cloudsbartender
Elbo Room, San Francisco, Valencia Streetshadow leaveswalker (woodcut)woodblock print
farm music with angel & no such animaltin box i made years agoearly 70s - mixed mediaabout '73 - outdoor scene, Illinois
mission - prelim sketch another missionEgyptian flute player - based on a photographLee Wah Grocery, SF - partly based on a photograph
patternrooftop mariachis - house partyediblesNew Mission Theater, SF
biplanesDoc's Clock, Mission District, SF500 Club, Guerrero St, SFLucky Cafe, Sacramento, 2011
beats, 2012the ride, Guerrero St, SF, 2012bookstore window art, you know wheremarquee, Union Square, SF 2012
Shotwell St, SF 2012Discolandia Records, 24th St, SF 2012Pop's Bar, 24th St, SF 2012sketch, early 70s?, oxidation damage
bar, 24th St, SF 2012cloud, SF April 2012guesssketch from my notebook, about 1966?
blues in the greenhouse, late 60sphilosphy professor. Tuesday, May 2 was what year ?kinetic study, pencil & crayon, about 1966-7?dreamer, circa 1969-71
sketch, about 1969-71egyptian fantasy? '70sstill life 1973-4sketch, colored pencils, 1973-4
drawing, water damagedLars the watchdog - RIPlong shadowstand
my hand, about 1965-67 ?giant chicken amidst city buildings, water damaged sketch, 1989?night, linoblock print, damagedlinoblock print '80s
the sign comes downfloor mosaichawk, Saloon, SF 2012rooftop shot, 2012
everyone seems so two dimensional these daysrooftops with rainbowNew OrleansNew Orleans
doorbells, French Quarterwedding parade, French Quarterturntablescreenshot
shadowRoland 808 drum machinesecrets of the soul, tempera paintpeppers
custom engine with "Chingon Rides" valve coversTexas compositethe cloud