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Depending on what is currently available, this list will contain books and / or periodicals and / or other paper items for sale. Price and other information is shown item by item. This list is a new one at jaxpage.com, so please stay tuned for more items posted on an ongoing basis before long. No particular sequence, just a random browse list for now.

Duke - A Life Of Duke Ellington, by Terry Teachout, Gotham Books, 2013.

Simply the best and most revelatory book ever written about all things Ellington.

Very well written, well illustrated. Includes clear plastic protector over the intact dust jacket.

Price $19.95 Hardbound Edition. Very Good Condition.

Dark Midnight When I Rise,

The Story Of The Jubilee Singers,

Who Introduced The World To The Music Of Black America,

By Andrew Ward, Farar, Straus, and Giroux, 2000. Great

in-depth history of The Jubilee Singers, well illustrated, In Top Condition.

Price $16.95 Hardbound addition, intact dust jacket.

Rites Of Rhythm, The Music Of Cuba, by Jory Farr,

Harper Collins / Regan, 2001. The author spent plenty of time in Cuba

to study the music first hand. Enjoyably written, well illustrated, intact dust jacket.

Price $8.95 Hardbound Edition. Very Good Condition.

Sweet Mother,

Modern African Music,

Musical and ethnographic study of various modern African regional musics,

by Wolfgang Bender. Numerous black and white illustrations.

University Of Chicago, 1991, Paperback edition in very good condition.

Price $9.95

The Best Real Little Fake Book, Over 1000 Songs, (All transcribed to Key Of C)

Spiral bound big thick fake book, easy to read, measures roughly 5 x 8 inches.

Any musician will get great use out of this Fake Book. Paperback with plastic spiral binding,

Hal Leonard publication, year unknown, Intact with moderate signs of aging.

Uppermost ring of binder is cracked, does not affect use. $7.95